Palming About In Wilmslow – No “£” Shops Here!

We’re in Wilmslow, and finally, after driving around for just under an hour, we’ve found somewhere to park the Peugeot. I say the Peugeot and not the “Car” because that’s what you do in Wilmslow; I’ve heard the residents say it before: “Have you parked the Mercedes Harold? Where did you park the Porsche dear? For some reason, you have to name the make of your car in this “neck of the woods”. We need to allow Ozzy (our dog) to do her ablutions (definitely not a Pee”) before we head into the town centre, so we’ve parked the Peugeot on a car park next to The Carrs Park (no pun intended) which apparently opened in 1935. It has an area of 28.7 hectares (71 acres) and the River Bollin meanders through picturesque parkland with footpath links into Styal Country Park and the Dean Valley. These seventy acres were purchased in 1935 by the Wilmslow Urban District Council to mark the jubilee of King George V, and are ideal for gentle walks. Well Woopy Do!, but look at the sign relating to dogs? Now come on, answer me truthfully – who carries a compass and OS Landranger 109 when they head to the local park to walk their dog.

dog sign

We’re walking up the main street now – no fish ‘n chip wrappers on the floor here – oh no….very clean! Just out of curiosity, I walk over to Savills, the Estate Agents; I want to know the price of the properties on offer? I find a relatively cheap one – £1.2 Million, and knot my eyebrows. Inside, the agent shows me a smile, so I open the door and bid her Good Morning! “See anything you like?” she asks me. I try not to be rude with my answer, but I always prefer honesty, even if it does disappoint. “Little bit on the cheap side for me, but thanks anyway!” I notice Lesley is looking in one of the charity shops, hoping to find her next bargain……probably a new shirt for me? She gets all my clothes from the Charity Shops. It doesn’t bother me that much; I think clothes are over priced anyway. I mean, you get people who spend £100 on a T Shirt that’s ruined the first time you put it through the wash! It’s criminal if you ask me, but each to our own I guess! “You won’t find anything for a “tenner” in these charity shops love,” I tell her. Anyway, I’m looking at the Aston Martin car sales centre. There’s about thirty of these outrageously priced automobiles on show – now that’s some serious money on one small plot of land. And there’s people enquiring about them too! I don’t get it – it’s just a car…..isn’t it?

aston martin

Eh up, this looks interesting? It’s a clothes shop. Never heard of this before – “The White Stuff”. Just my cup of tea this – a little different! Original styles, vibrant colours, funky clothing to catch the eye and….. not too expensive either. I’m holding a very “hip” waistcoat that would be an absolute “groove” to wear, but it’s £79.00, and if I were to be honest with myself, I need some new paving stones to complete the project I’m working on in my back yard and, coupled with the concern I’m currently feeling regarding the displaced people of Syria, I’m not going to buy it. But I am going to get something to eat in The Old Dancer, not just because it looks a worthy place to eat, but we can take Ozzy in too, which is welcoming as it’s freezing outside!

white stuff

I’ve ordered Pie Mash & Peas and a Hot Chocolate – Lesley’s ordered Jacket Salad and something else exotic that I can’t pronounce so I won’t bother to try, but it’s got cabbage in it? Anyway, there are two ladies sitting by us, and one of them is taking a right shine to Ozzy. Go anywhere in the world and talk about football or music and you’ll always strike up a conversation and make friends. It works with dogs too. Within a couple of minutes we’ve developed a neighbourly right to converse with each other and we’re putting the world to rights. I always like to learn the names of people I meet; I feel I’m with someone that way. Nicole has roots in New Zealand – Sarah has roots in Newport, South Wales, but they both reside in Wilmslow. They’re actually okay! not at all “snobby” like you might imagine. Definitely nothing pretentious about these two. They actually share some of the same social and political views that we do which is quite encouraging! Nicole is enjoying a nice glass of white wine; Sarah is sampling a selection of the trendy beers on offer. Nicole is quite a generous person – she’s sharing her chips with Ozzy. Nicole and Sarah are quite unique. They’ve both just overcome differing degrees of Cancer. It’s always good to see that along with the many “Loved Ones” that this terrible disease claims, there are many that claim victory over it! Well done girls – may you have continued good health! I’ve actually enjoyed palming about in Wilmslow. There’s some nice shops, nice architecture and some lovely people. We’re heading back to the car park now. I think Lesley would like to stay a little longer, but all good things come to an end!


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